Tuesday, November 23, 2010

52 Things I'm Thankful For This Year

I have definately had a blessed and eventful year and I have way too many things that I should be thankful for. I know that I have taken too many of them for granted.

52 thankful things in no particular order...

1. First and foremost, my salvation and my forgiving savior, Jesus Christ.
2. My loving and also very forgiving husband.
3. My sweetie pie son, Parker
4. Our house, which is not my dream house but I'm made into my dream home (state of mind!)
5. My health, I’m proud to say that this year I have actually not had strep, not even once! (benefit of not working, I guess!)
6. My pastor, Brother Kelly and his wife Joy. So glad they are in my life now.
7. My church family at Timothy Baptist Church. Don’t know where I would be without them there to support my family and guide us.
8.  All of my ladies at Women’s Night at TBC, I sure do love them and can hardly survive a week without seeing them.
9. The love and encouragement from my own Momma.
10. Seeing Parker play with his Papa. Just melts my heart.
11. Making new friends at church.
12. Facebook, sorry I’m so addicted I just had to list it!
13. Our latest Bible study, “Your Own Jesus”, by Mark Hall, lead singer for Casting Crowns.
14. My husband being supportive of me staying at home.
15. Powerful cleaning products (something has to get the crayon off the walls!)
16. Shout and OxiClean, any mom MUST love these products!
17.  Love, love my new memory foam mattress!!!
18. My chiropractor, Dr. Young. He has worked wonders on me!
19. The nursery workers at TBC. They have loved Parker and taught him so much.
20. The TBC Choir, they are a blessing to me every time I hear them.
21. The couple that always sits behind us at church, so sweet and loving, and a little bit ornery too!
22. One word, prayer.
23. Alone time with my hubby, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
24. My besties, Amanda Jo and Stephanie. I just love those girls.
25. The smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven.
26. Grandma Stewart or GiGi, I love the way she looks at Parker.
27. My brother-in-law, Grant. He has finally moved back home after 6 tours of duty in the Air Force.
28. Also, all the other brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces.
29. Cuddling with my hubby and son.
30. Sandwich hugs with my boys.
31. The crockpot, which makes my life a lot easier on those super busy days.
32. Watching cartoons while cuddling with Parker.
33. Late night conversations with my hubby.
34. Sweet unexpected kisses.
35. Mine and Parker's kisses all over our faces.
36. My Chi flat iron (gotta have good hair!)
37. Aveeno body wash for my super dry skin.
38. The creativity that my God gave me.
39. My in-laws, always there for us when we need them.
40. My Macbook
41. My education and all my teachers that helped me along the way.
42. Lazy Saturday mornings
43. Late nights with my hubby
44. Giggle fests with my sweetie P
45. Fall, a nice relief from the hot Oklahoma summer
46. A nice hot shower, especially at the end of a crazy, busy day.
47. Police, EMS, firemen, people who put their own life on the line each and everyday.
48. Our youth pastor, Jason, and the way he teaches and guides our youth group.
49. My son's beautiful smile
50. The way my son tells me I look pretty, especially when I think I look awful!
51. The trust my husband and I share.
52. The way my husband looks at me.


  1. This is really nice..great idea!

  2. Thanks Bree! I could have went on and on!

  3. I always love gratitude lists! I'm a member of the Gratitude Community and love the concept of ThanksLiving!