Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Finds

   I had a pretty good experience this Black Friday. I impressed myself with my calmness during all the chaos. My only problem was at Walmart. I hate the disorganization of their store on Black Friday. They advertize all these awesome deals but when you get to the store you are met with total chaos. Not only are people acting crazy running everywhere but the sale items are not set up in any sort of organized way. So I had my overly organized list of sale items I wanted and couldn't find half of the things I wanted. Like, the kids digital camera, after my aimless search for it, I decide to ask a store employee where I could find it. The first one said, "I don't know!" Ugh, so on to the next employee, "well, it should be over by toys." Ummm, no, of course it wasn't. I found the Band Hero game by groceries, while the employee told me it should be in electronics. Then I find some other toys in women's clothes, some others in sporting goods, but never found the camera.
    I was totally impressed by JCPenny's though. And I found a Discovery Kids camera for only a couple dollars more. Woo hoo! Also, I found tons of clothes for our Angel Tree kids there too.  
   I'm just glad I survived the day and with only drinking two 32 ounce Dr. Peppers and 2 Red Bulls! Gotta have my caffeine!
  I would love to hear from others what great deals they scored and any crazy/funny stories.

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  1. I spent the day with my family...snuggling and watching movies and then we took them to one of those inflatable play places. I am now following and liking...Please stop by my blog @ for a visit. take care Amy