Friday, December 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth: No Sick Leave

I found this awesome challenge on a fellow blog, its called "30 Days of Truth". It has you answer a different question about yourself each day. I think I'm going to have fun with this, so here it goes...

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.

I try to be an optimistic person and try not to dwell on things (ie. I don't want to talk about my flabby butt or my cellulite). But I can tell you that the worst thing about being a SAHM is that there are no sick days, no time off, or PTO. When I'm feeling under the weather or just feel like playing hookey I have no choice. My son still has to be fed, clothed, and looked after.

I do have to say though that today I got as close as I could to taking the day off. I laid in my pj's on the couch from 8am until almost noon without moving even an inch. My lovely son, P, handed me my tissues and was a sweetie pie. We read books and watched TV while munching on junk food.

Kids have a sense for when they "must be good". P could tell that today was not the day to mess with Mommy. That I could not put up with fits and him whining about crap. I am so thankful to have a son that loves me and wants to try to take care of me when I'm feeling to sick to do much of anything.

Oh but I do have to say that another thing I hate about my self is my nose. No, not the shape, but the fact that whenever the seasons (aka allergens) change, my nose throws the biggest fit and gets soooo swollen and red. Ugh! Oklahoma I absolutely HATE your allergens!!! I mean seriously, do you really have to do this to me EVERY year!?! Ugh! And double ugh!

Ok, enough with my ranting.

Ps. Oklahoma if you could please give me a break, I would sing praises. PLEASE!!!

Oh and a link to the challenge...


  1. love this! thanks for introducing me to the 30 days of truth ... I so agree with the mom PTO bit, that would be so wonderful if that was a reality

  2. Thanks Sara! Looking forward to reading yours