Monday, October 17, 2011

Accident Prone

I just want to start this post out by saying that I do love my Crock Pot and all it's wonderful cooking capabilities!

So I love to cook and for the most part my recipes come out pretty good. I am slightly ADD so it's hard for me to follow recipes closely and therefore sometimes I accidentally leave stuff out or forget until the last second. I've been getting better about thoroughly reading a recipe before I start and following it step by step. I haven't had one of those accidents in quite awhile.

While I enjoy cooking and baking I am accident prone. Meaning, I hurt myself one way or another.

Like the time I thought that the cookie sheet I had just put in the oven wouldn't really be that hot, so I tried turning it with my bare hands. Oh no, it was HOT already! Ugh! Hubs gets nervous when I get around the oven if I am overly busy and have way too much on my mind. Especially since the ADD distracts me and I don't use my head sometimes.

Or the time that I burned my arms opening the crock pot lid, it almost singed my arm hairs off! Hey, it could save you money if you like to wax your arms! No but really crock pots need to come with a warning label! Warning: Wear full arm oven mitts when opening lid and keep face away!

So I haven't done anything dangerous or clumsy in quite awhile. I've been proud of myself! Hubs has been too!

Until today...

I had put a roast in the crock pot frozen so I couldn't tell that it was all bent over itself. It was smelling so good, making me hungry of course. So I went to go take a look at my master piece (because I am the master of making yummy-licious roasts). That's when I saw that it was in the crock pot all weird, half of it was up on the side (not cooking properly) and since this roast was for a church dinner tonight I wanted it to be perfect. That's when I decided to brilliantly move the extremely HOT roast with a fork.

OMG!!!! *Insert naughty words* AHHHHHH!!!

Hubs ran into the kitchen (he thought I had cut off my finger or I was bleeding to death, not unusual in our house) and that's when he saw me hopping around. I had splashed scalding hot roast juice all over my foot, the counter top, the stove top, the floor, and rug! Couldn't believe there was anymore juice still left in the pot! He was all, "what the crap are you doing???" "Have you lost your mind!?!" "Go wash your foot off in the tub before your skin peels off!"

What a sweet loving hubby! After he stopped flipping out he proceeded to clean up my gigantic mess. Then I come back from the bathroom with shorts on now because I had also splashed it on my pants (somehow it missed my new t-shirt I had on). So while he was finishing up cleaning, I told him what I was trying to do. I said, well crap, the roast is still not in there right! I had the bright idea of getting some tongs and thought I could once again move it.

WRONG!!! Splashed even more this time all over my shirt, all the way over to hubs WHITE shirt (thank God only a few drops) and all over the same spots that he had just cleaned up. This time hubs just patiently (with clenched teeth) said for me to go get myself cleaned up and change my clothes and NOT to touch the roast again!

When I came back he had successfully moved the roast into the correct cooking position WITHOUT splashing anything (honestly, I don't think there was anything left to splash).

Moral to this story is DON'T mess with a HOT crock pot. They can be EVIL!!!

***I'm writing this with an ice pack on my foot! Maybe later I should write a letter to the Crock Pot company....


  1. You sound like me! Or, wait, I am just like you!! Anytime I pick up a knife, or get around the stove, Mister cringes. Literally. I even burnt my arm taking a cookie sheet out of the oven. He tries to get me to let him help or do it for me, but apparently [so he says] I have this stubborn streak.

    I am glad I'm not the only one out there like that!!


  2. I have burned myself many times taking things out of the oven the first time i cooked for him i burned my arm real bad still have the scar! I would have thought to move the roast around with a fork or tongs or heck I probably would have just stuck my hand in there

  3. Glad I'm not the only one! Hubs always runs in there to help (mainly to make sure I don't get hurt) but he just makes it look like he is trying to be helpful. Hey, I'll take what help I can get!

    Dash, I think we might be twins!

    And Marie, I'm right there with you. I always touch super hot stuff directly with my hand. Hey at least it's clean, right!?!

  4. :looks around:: are you in my house? I burn myself nearly EVERY single time I cook. Especially on that stupid freaking toaster oven with the stupid misspelled "POWER" button (yes, it's spelled POEWR)
    I am also notorious for dropping absolutely everything